From heaven I helped Ma find my replacement.  We look alike, don't we?
Sydney must have lived a very "sheltered" life.  
She is 6 years old, but doesn't know how to enjoy
life yet.  She has a lot to discover.  I don't know
if she'll ever play with toys I left behind...
Sydney (formerly Daisy)
was born on July 25, 2006
and grew up in Alabama as
a show dog.  Later she
moved to California to
produce puppies.  She's not
sure about her third home,
but I know that she will be
loved as much as I was.
On her 6th Birthday
New Life, New Name, New Collar
July 26, 2012
and New Friends!
Ready for rain
Feel good in
Exploring Around Blodgette Lake
As we were leaving the house for a walk, neighbor's cats
greeted Sydney.  See what happened the next.
Rolling on grass feels good!  I became 10.
Smelling a stuffed dog? We were both fooled by this one.
July 2016
Hiking on Canyon Creek Trail in Auburn, May 9, 2017