In June 2000, Pop went to Christmas Island
to flyfish for bonefish, but he didn't bring
me any bones...

He also caught trevally! This was only the
beginning of Pop's saltwater flyfishing trips.
Pop caught Jack Crevalle in Belize.
Pop caught Permit on his
second trip to Belize.
Skipjack Tuna at Loreto
Dorado at Las Arenas, Baja California
Pop went fishing with Steve Abel's group to La Paz, Mexico
in December 2002.  In Loreto, he landed 54-lb yellow-fin
tuna after 2.5 hours of struggle.  As you can see, it was
already dark.  I think most people would have given up.
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Yellow-fin Tuna at Las Arenas, Mexico
Sailfish at Loreto,
Dorado at Las Arenas, Mexico
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