Ronda & Tarifa
Ronda & Tarifa
September 24th - 25th
We are staying in Tarifa tonight so we can take a
boat to Tangier tomorrow.  On the way, we are
stopping for lunch and a walk in Ronda.  Well, before
we reached Ronda, our bus broke down.  An hour
later a smaller bus showed up to take us to Ronda.  I
couldn't relax, because I was nervous about a  
bathroom break.  Up to this moment Robert had
made sure we got the bathroom break every two
hours, because buses in Spain were not equipped
with toilets.
Ronda is one of the largest white hill towns, and
also one of the most spectacular, thanks to its
gorge-straddling setting.  We visited the oldest
bullring in Spain.  By the time we regrouped,
another bus had arrived from Sevilla; Pablo had
transferred all our luggage from our broken-down
After making a short stop to see Gibraltar, we arrived in
Tarifa in time for paseo with Robert and an early dinner
on our own.  I had a tasty "mixed fish and rice" special at
Restaurant La Pescaderia.
Photo shoot-out with John?
Tarifa in the morning