Holy Toledo! This entire city which sits on a hill is
a national monument.   Toledo was a political
capitol till Philip II moved the capitol to
more-spacious Madrid in 1561.  It's still a
religious capitol, and has a magnificent
cathedral.  Cameras were not allowed in the
cathedral, and we walked around trying our best
to absorb what we saw, heard and felt in the
immense greatness.

Toledo provides the rich mix of Jewish, Moorish
and Christian heritages.  It was a home for El
Greco.  He lived here for 37 years, painting
religious canvases.  The most impressive
painting was at
Santo Tome -- "The Burial of the
Count of Orgaz."
Later in the afternoon some of us visited the San Juan
de Los Reyes Monasterio.   This monastery was built
to celebrate the 1476 Battle of Toro, which made
Isabel the queen of Castile.  With her husband,
Ferdinand who was king of Aragon, the victory united
Spain as we know it today.  Because they were
originally intended to be burried here, the monastery
had a powerful chapel.  We noticed peculiar sculptures
near the gutter, which turned out to be gutter spouts.   
Of course, we went around and around the cloister in
search of the monkey reading a bible up-side-down on
the toilet.  Finally, Patti found it!  It makes you wonder
who snuck in the insulting symbol of Franciscans there.
We finished our Toledo visit with a fabulous group dinner at the
Adolfo Connection.  After the dinner, Javier, son of the owner
showed us their wine cellar which housed over 44,000 bottles.

Nobody at home would believe me, but I was now drinking wine with
every meal.  Interestingly, I didn't wake up with my leg pain
anymore.  Oh, did I mention that our group included 4 doctors & 3
September 21st - 22nd
Right:  Doors to suit each of us.