Next morning we took a high speed train to Madrid.  Robert had gone shopping the previous day, and
we had a nice picnic lunch on board.  Pablo was waiting with our bus in Madrid to take us to Segovia.
We skipped Valley of the Fallen (where Franco is buried), because it was closed indefinitely.  In Segovia  we were greeted by the 2,000 year-old Roman aqueduct.  Can you
imagine 20,000 granite blocks were assembled together without any motor?  Here we met a local guide, Javier who gave us the walking tour, including the Alcázar fortress,
which provided a nice view of Segovia's countryside.
Later we had a memorable group dinner at the José María in the old town.  It boasts to have the best roast suckling pig in town, but I felt sorry for the little baby
pig.  It's memorable, because I was chosen to do the honor of cutting the pig with a plate and throwing the plate on the floor afterwards.  What a tradition!
September 18th - 19th
Gothic cathedral