Arcos de la Frontera
September 27th - 28th
On the way to Arcos de la Frontera, we stopped at Cadiz
where Robert spent a year learning Spanish.  Robert
showed us the street where he used to live, but we couldn't
get into the building, because some kind of repair work was
being done on that street.  We arrived at Cadiz close to the
lunch time, so we were on our own for lunch.  I copied Lois &
Joe to order lemon beer with lunch.  The beer was very
tasty!  Cadiz was not on our itinerary, but we were so glad to
see this beautiful town.
We arrived at another Andalusian hill town, Arcos de la Frontera.  Our hotel was located in the old town on the hill.  This was the only hotel where our luggage was carried by a
shuttle service.  Lois & Joe got a room upstairs, but this time I got this nice room with a balcony, next door to the "Rick Steves' Room".  While walking up the hill, we saw in a show
window a wine bottle cover in the shape of flamenco dress in Spanish colors.  I made a mental note of the store, because Robert said he planned to come back and buy the dress.
Next day we took a day tour to Jerez to
visit Royal Andausian School of
Equestrian Art.  I'm not particularly into
horses, but I loved the Horse
Symphony show. These purebred
Spanish horses were so well trained.  
Too bad that even a video camera
was not allowed inside.  After the
show, we hopped over to  the
Sandeman (sherry) winery which was
conveniently located right behind the
equestrian school.  After the winery
tour, we were served wonderful spread
of appetizers with two kinds of sherry.
My buddy Robin
My buddies in Arcos
Watch out for the bus!
Returning to Arcos, Robert told us that we might not stay in Arcos another night.  A general strike which is
rare in Spain was planned for the next day.  If we waited till the next morning, we might not be able to enter
Sevilla peacefully.  I packed my suitcase and went to buy the little flamenco dress for Ursula.  I knew that
Robert would not have time.  I walked the hilly street twice (good exercise), but the store never opened.  
Lois & I found one close to our hotel, but the seam was ripped.  Lois speaks Portuguese which is similar to
Spanish.  She was my interpreter, and the store lady mended the dress.  The rest of our group agreed to
make the bottle cover a birthday present for Robert.  About 9 o'clock at night we left Arcos and drove to
Sevilla.  We had to say adios to our friendly driver Pablo.
Winery tour
Jim "Sandeman"?
8:12 p.m. Last look of the town as we check out of the hotel unexpectedly ...