Ma took her 11th Rick Steves' tour, this time to Scandinavia from July 5th to 20th, 2013.
Enjoy her slide-show at the bottom.
Before the tour started, Ma took the Archipelago Tour on Stromma boat.
Stockholm, Sweden
Our Tour Guide Ylva
Oslo, Norway
Roskilde, Denmark
Aero, Denmark
Hotel Elvesaeter in Boverdalen, Norway
Bergen, Norway
Gota Canal, Sweden
The Tour started on July 7th
with the city tour of
Kalmar, Sweden
Nobody was dancing,
typical of Swedish,
I was told...
Kalmar Castle
where Kalmar Union
(of Denmark, Norway &
Sweden) was formed
in 1397
Copenhagen, Denmark
City Hall where Novel prize winners' dinner and dance banquet takes place
Changing of Guards
Lillehammer, Norway
Greeted by the local guide Hans Christian Andersen!
Opera House
Church of Our Lady
H.C.Andersen reappeared
at Rosenborg Castle
Christiania Bycicle
reminded Ma of 70's
in Berkeley, CA
Jazz Festival in Full Swing
Viking Ship Museum
Karl XII pointing towards Russia
National Museum,
Stopped here for lunch.
Bregninge Church
6,000-year old dolmen
Arriving in Aeroskobing
Roskilde Cathedral with Royal Tombs
Kon-Tiki Museum
Ma saw  the
exhibit of
"Munch 150"
Oslo's City Hall
Viking Ship Museum
Grand Hotel - hosts Novel Peace Prize banquet.
Vigeland Park
with more than 200 nakid sculptures
First Queen of Norway
Can't leave Copenhagen
without seeing her!
Back to Copenhagen
to take an overnight ferry to Oslo.
Malhaugen Open-Air Folk Museum
Then a kind Danish tourist offered to take her photo.
Ylva went running after their hike.
Lom Stave Church (from 1158)
Competent & Friendly Bus Driver, Andrej from Belgiam
9 tour members followed Ylva on a hike.
Trying a self-portrait, using
Opera House's window refection
Holmenkollen Ski Jump
What a small world!  Ma ran into Jim & Carol of her ski club as she was
walking down towards the bay to take a photo of those statues!
They had just arrived from Sacramento.
Lom, Norway
Group Photo at Tvindefossen
Hanseatic Quarter (Bryggen)
Old German Trading Center,
"Jonsok" by Kati Casida
Installed at Skjolden
on June 23, 2011
Sognefjord Cruise
Kaupanger Stave Church
Scenic Drive on Sognefjell Road
Several members hiked up to the top of this hill with Ylva,
while other smart people took the funicular.
It was a hard hike!
We were fortunate to have one of 17 non-rainy days.
Hanseatic Museum Tour
Our Last Dinner - I ate Rudolph!
Ma traveled so far,
yet the world is
so small.
Royal Library
After the Ski Museum, a kind local businessman led Ma to this Opera House on metro.
Best View of Oslo
FDR and Crown Princess Martha (& her husband) developed friendship during the war.
Gustav Vigeland's
Sculpture in front of
the National Gallery
This necklace Ashley knitted for her Grandma traveled to everywhere.
"Homeless" by Arne Maeland
Placed on New Year's Eve 1999
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