Watched the baseball game at Tokyo Dome.  Yomiuri Giants won that night!  6/29/16
All day at Tokyo DisneySea  on  6/30/16
Ma's grand-daughter at Haneda Airport on 6/27/16
Ma traveled to Japan with her daughter, son-in-law and
grand-kids from June 26 to July 19, 2016.  Being close to
Tanabata Festival, visitors had opportunities to write wishes on
paper & tie them to a bamboo branch like this one at the Haneda
Dining out with Ma's cousin & her husband on 6/28/16
Bento lunch on the bullet train to Kanazawa, 7/1/16
Visiting Ma's home town Takaoka with her nephew on  7/2/16
Amaharashi Coast
Family seal in front of
the storage
Ma's mom was a fun
of Michael Jackson.
Family seal on
the storage building
Ma's mother was a fan of
Michael Jackson!
Beautiful art pieces in the empty house...
Some of Ma's cousins gathered in a restaurant in Kanazawa for the traditional luncheon on 7/3/16.
This shrine across the street was
Ma's childhood playground.
Preparing for Tanabata Festival
The best dinner we had in Japan
was in Takaoka!
Kanazawa Castle
At Kenrokuen
in Kanazawa
Ma's grand-kids
were treated to
soft ice cream
covered with
gold leaf-->
Last day in Kanazawa, they took 7 means of transportation for the outing of "Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route" on the 4th of July!
220 steps to climb up
& down for viewing
Kurobe Dam
Only 2 nights in Kyoto - they chose to visit Nijo Castle, because the grand-son learned about it in school.
Japanese menu display
Ma ate Matcha ice cream.
She should have tried this gold ice cream!
Supreme ice cream parlar
In the afternoon they took a train to Himeji and visited the newly restored Himeji Castle, 7/6/16
No, this is not San Francisco.
Back in Tokyo on July 7th - Night of Tanabata Festival (not celebrated much)  They visited this beautiful Aqua Park, no ordinary aquarium.
Dolphin Show
On July 8th, Ma's step-sister joined them to visit Asakusa and Sky Tower.
Just shopping at Sky Tower
Too cloudy for panoramic view...

July 9th
Their flight leaves
at 11:55 p.m.
Ma had planned
a walk at nearby
Shinjuku Gyoen,
but it was raining.

So, they went
Modern Mama san!
At Haneda Airport
This 2016 trip was planned for having a family fun and for learning the family heritage, but could not escape a sad fact of life.  Ma went to Japan last
year to attend the 50th Matriculation Anniversary at the International Christian University.  As usual she got together with Yoko (college friend/former
neighbor), but it was their last meeting as Yoko unexpectedly left this world on June 4, 2016.  Yoko's daughter came to see them off at the airport.
Lunch at Ebisu on 4/16/15
Seven and a half hour later they arrived in Honolulu where they spent a night at Hilton.  Honestly, this was grand-kids' highlight...
Kids want to come back here for a week.  Waikiki Beach is indeed a paradise for young people.
Ma visited here in April last year.