Pyramid of Khafre
& Great Sphinx
Ramses II in Memphis
Russ, Mary, Ma & Pop at Giza
Step Pyramid of King Zoser
in Sakkara (2686 BC)
Ma & Pop took UniWorld cruise to Egypt
with a couple they met during Adriatic tour.
April 9-20, 2010
Kalabsha Temple (30 BC)
Wadi El Sebona (Valley of Lionesses)
Temple of Amada by Thuthmosis III, etc.
Oldest surviving temple in Nubia
Ma in galabeya
Abu Simbel (relocated 1964-68)
4 huge statutes of Ramses II
Unfinished Obelisk by Queen Hatshepsut in Aswan
Temple of Philae complex
Medicine Wall
Kom Ombo Temple
Temple of Edufu (Temple of Horus)
Temple of Luxor
Pharaoh Ramses II
Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir-el-Bahri
Colossis of Memnon (Pharaoh Amenhotep III)
3400 yearl old
Karnak Temple complex
Egyptian beer "Stella"
Pretty good
Tour guide Muhammad
& body guard
Caught the last Egyptian sunset in Luxor
before flying back to Cairo
Prince Abbas to cruise
Lake Nasser
Cruised the Nile
on River Tosca