Pop & Ma traveled to the Adriatic on Rick Steves' tour from May 24 to June 8, 2008.
View of Ljubljana & Julian Alps
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Pop at Bled Castle
Going to Bled Island on a pletna boat
In Kobarid, some got a ride in the Fiat ambulance
used by Ernest Hemingway druing WW II.
Longest ski jump in the world (239 m)
Vrsic Pass in Julian Alps
Istorian Wines & Truffle Spreads
Morning view from Motovun where the group stayed.
Ampitheater in Pula
6th largest, well-preserved
Ma climbed this bell tower in Rovinj during the lunch break.
to get this view!
After the Rick Steves' tour, Pop & Ma took a day trip to Montenegro with two other couples - George & LouVina, and Russ & Mary
Ma traveled to Greece with George & LouVina in 2009.  Pop & Ma cruised in Egypt with Russ & Mary in 2010.
Our guide Saso explaing how school boys
dressed during Tito era
Opatia "Walk of Fame"
Plitvice Lakes National Park - before the crowd got here
Beautiful pavement in Split
Split's promenade or "Riva"
Diocletian's Palace in Split
Beautiful Beach of Split
A Cappella (click here to listen)
Island Hopping to Hvar
Hiked up to the Fort
Vacation from Vacation on the Island of Korcula
View from our hotel room
Lunch Stop in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Walking Tour of Mostar
Every tomb dated 1993-95
This used to be a park.
Local guide Alma at Biscevic Turkish House
Old Bridge, built in 1557,
destroyed by Croates in 1993,
rebuilt in 2004
Jovan talking about village life,
war, Kosovo ...
and hope
War damage everywhere
Old Town Dubrovnik
Last dinner looking at this beautiful ocean
What a wonderful group to travel with!
Lunch in front of St. Tryphon's Cathedral, Kotor
Bay of Kotor
Walking down Citadel in Budva
Riviera of Budva
Not bad, Pop (68) climbed more steps than his age!